NEW ROAD Busan Ulsan Less 30minutes Driving Time

Communication brand is a representative beginning product of Busan-Ulsan Expressway Corporation, while being the core basic element of C.I.S(Corporate Identification Standards).
CI's communication brand is based on three colors, GREEN, AZURE, and BLACK. Green(above) represents Ulsan while AZURE(bottom) represents Busan.
With smooth streamlined design, it symbolizes the up and down line of highway, and emphasizes that Busan and Ulsan are connected.
logo logo grid
  • #8dc540R141G197B64
  • #019bdfR1G155B223
  • #8dc540R23G23B23
Slogan brand is a visual expression, representing corporate management philosophy of Busan-Ulsan Expressway Corporation, while being the core basic element of S.I.S(Slogan Identification Standards).
Slogan brand, "Short transportation with long impression," emphasizes the advantage of Busan-Ulsan Expressway of short transportation time between Busan and Ulsan in addition to the sense comfort and safety.
The core value of being a highway for both economy and tourism is also delivered. Such core value is constructed as a slogan brand, with the motif from the scarf of the customer using highway.
slogan slogan grid
Symbol Mark Of The Slogan
Symbol Mark of the Slogan is a means of expressing a visual representation elements of the slogan band as a key element of Busan-Ulsan Expressway corporation.
lue color of the Symbol Mark symbolizes Busan, green color symbolizes Ulsan.
The yellow is a means of expressing the present value of Busan-Ulsan Express corporation as creating abundance and glory.
Also, blue symbolizes the sea and green symbolizes the mountains.
Yellow means that you can get a composure and fun through eco-friendly Busan-Ulsan highway along the mountains and the sea.
In addition, the overall shape of the scarf by the customer using the highway gives a long impression.
symbol mark symbol mark grid
짧은 운행이란 30분 이내에 부산과 울산을 잇는 부산울산고속도로의 장점을 표현하며 긴여운은 바다와 산을 끼고 있는 친환경 관광고속도로로
고객에게 안전, 쾌적하고 편안한 운행 경험을 제공하겠다는 부산울산고속도로의 의지의 표현입니다.
slogan slogan grid
Slogan Signature
Slogan signature is a regulation on how it will be mixed with the existing CI of Busan-Ulsan Expressway Corporation.
It is about certain set of regulations about using CI symbol, logo, and slogan symbol logo. Each of the elements cannot be combined randomly for usage.
Appropriate signature should be selected according to the media to be applied. When signature is used, data on the manual should be utilized,
but the standard for application should be discussed with the production company before actual usage.
Signature Block
Signature block is an example of using slogan signature with other element, such as the address of the company, among the regulation on how to mix it with the existing CI of Busan-Ulsan Expressway Corporation.
It is developed to standardize ideal spacing and arrangement for usage.
signature block
Signature color
Use of signature color is a regulation, which illustrates the purpose of expressing desirable color image by securing luminance and aesthetic impression about the background color.
Color standard, provided below, for each background color should be referred to and applied.
In addition, if it requires application, which is not defined in this manual, it is necessary to discuss with the production company to come up with a guideline before application.
signature color
Graphic Motive
Slogan graphic motive is a subsidiary measure to bring in the inherent graphic image when applying design on different types of brochures, forms, signs, and promotion advertisement materials.
Graphic motive, using color factor of slogan brand, can be modified differently for usage, in accordance with the thickness and location, like the following examples.
When various modifications are applied, it is necessary to discuss with slogan production company to reflect slogan identity accurately.
graphic motive
It symbolizes fast highway like a bird flying in the sky without traffic.
It was designed like a seagull to be associated with fast flying without any obsticles in green color to emphasize the advantage of the Busan-Ulsan expressway which is rapid but also eco-friendly.
mascot speedy
It symbolizes comfortable highway as if relaxing on the clouds.
The round shape of dolphin in comfortable blue color represents the Busan-Ulsan expressway which provides comfortable driving experience.
mascot comfy
Character Applications
character applications